Hawksburn Podiatry

All kinds of families

  • Department of Health (DVA) Gold Cards
  • Medicare Chronic Conditions
  • Australian Defence Force

General Podiatry

At Hawksburn Podiatry we offer a range of services to keep your feet happy and healthy. Our Podiatrists understand the importance of offering quality general podiatric services in addition to our more focused and preventative treatments.

General Podiatry includes;

  • Nail care
  • Management of skin problems – warts, corns, callouses
  • Ingrowing nails – surgical and non surgical options
  • Laser treatment for fungal nails
  • Management of foot ulcers

All services offered at Hawksburn Podiatry are provided by fully registered podiatrists. In addition to treating your feet, your podiatrist will discuss with you preventative strategies to help you keep you and your family healthy from the ground up.


A referral is not required to have a podiatric consultation with one of our podiatrists. You may, however be entitled to take advantage of one of the referral schemes listed below.


You may be eligible to receive subsidized podiatric services under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan. If you have a condition such as diabetes or athritis you may be eligible for this scheme. Please contact your general practitioner / doctor to find out if you are eligible for this plan, and to make a referral. Find out more

Department of Veteran Affairs

A written referral is required to get you started with Hawksburn Podiatry. This will need to be renewed on an annual basis.

Australian Defence Force

Podiatric consultations may be eligible for reimbursement claims under the National ADF Family Health Program. Find out more