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According to Diabetes Australia over 900,000 people have been diagnosed with diabetes in Australia. A further 900,000 may not yet be diagnosed. Diabetes affects the blood flow and sensation to the feet. If you have diabetes your risk of amputation increases by 15% compared to someone who does not have diabetes.

Preventative Podiatry


At Hawksburn Podiatry we manage all our clients with diabetes in accordance with the most relevant and up-to-date evidence based guidelines. This means that we use a range of testing procedures including vascular, neurological and assessment of foot deformity to determine how likely you are to develop a problem (your risk status) and develop a management plan with you and your family.

Even if you are in the lowest risk category current guidelines suggest an annual foot inspection. A more frequent review and assessment may be necessary. Find out more about preventing diabetes foot complications


Falls can happen for a lot of reasons. If you have a problem with your feet (pain, bunions, limited movement, reduced or altered sensation) you may be more at risk of falling. Inadequate, inappropriate or worn shoes can add to your risk of falling.

The podiatrists at Hawksburn Podiatry can assess and treat foot pain, identify and address any problems with lower limb posture, gait and biomechanical issues and provide education on foothealth and footwear.

Ingrowing nails

Ingrowing nails may result from injury; incorrect cutting of nails, fungal infections or just the way the nail grows. Regular podiatry treatment, or surgical removal of part or the whole of the nail plate may assist in correcting the ingrowing nail, or managing the discomfort associated with ingrowing nails.


Foot orthoses or ‘orthotics’ are custom designed or prefabricated devices that assist in improving your foot posture and function. Your podiatrist may use these as when treating a problem or suggest them as a way of preventing something from occurring. Insoles or softer orthoses may be used when treating pressure related injuries.